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Nifty Images
+ Intaface

  • NiftyImages is reinventing email personalization technology

    Send Unique

    We remove common barriers like development time, budget constraints, commitment, and the IT resources required to create more personalized email experiences.
    Deliver personalized email content using real-time data. It works perfectly on all ESPs, easily and at scale.
    • Deployment - Quickly create images for use within your current Marketing Cloud or ESP. We help with planning, strategizing and execution no matter the complexity.
    • Training: account training. Learn how to use all of our features and talk about implementing your own specific use cases.
    • Explore examples. View dozens of NiftyImages use cases from within the user interface. Get inspired and learn to create your own experiences with our blog posts and how-to videos.

    Why Nifty Images + Intaface?

    Local Support

    Use a globally recognized platform with local support. In your language and on your time zone. We help you solve your doubts by email, calls or whatsapp.


    Take advantage of one of the dozens of integrations already developed. And if you need a custom one, our team of engineers will help you make it.

    Training in your Language

    The team that trains you is the same that will give you support later. We know our clients from the beginning and that is why we know how to best help you.


    Let's work together to create unforgettable live content campaigns that will showcase your innovation in email campaigns and make you stand out from the crowd.

    What does
    Nifty Images

    • Personalized Images
    • Countdown Timers
    • Advanced Personalization
    • GeoTargeting Rules
    • Personalized Graphics
    • Timers with effects
    • Maps
    • Information from different sources via API
    • A/B Split Tests
    • Insights
    • Templates

    Ready to try Nifty Images in your company?