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  • A whole new level of Ecommerce Marketing Automation.

    income and conversions

    Customize and automate Emails, SMS and social media campaigns using e-commerce buying behavior and real-time data. Combine them with predictive algorithms to create effective campaigns that grow your business.
    An Ecommerce Marketing Automation Platform for Abandoned Cart Retention, Re-engagement and Recovery
    • Plug-and-play integration: Connect Remarkety to your online store, without bulky downloads and without importing or exporting email lists.
    • Dynamic Personalization: Remarkety saves time by automatically personalizing Emails for your clients. This results in a higher open, click, and purchase rate.
    • Advanced segmentation: send email campaigns automatically or create your own. Customize using advanced built-in segmentations and design responsive emails with our easy-to-use Drag and Drop Editor.
    • Instant Marketing Recommendations: Remarkety recommends ready-to-send Email campaigns by searching for opportunities in your existing data.

    Integration with the most
    recognized platforms:

    Why Remarkety + Intaface?

    Local Support

    Use a globally recognized platform with local support. In your language and on your time zone. We help you solve your doubts by email, calls or whatsapp.


    Take advantage of one of the dozens of integrations already developed. And if you need a custom one, our team of engineers will help you make it.

    Training in your Language

    The team that trains you is the same that will give you support later. We know our clients from the beginning and that is why we know how to best help you.


    Remarkety makes it easy for your agency and your clients to send, design and track email campaigns. Make the right decisions by analyzing results in detailed reports provided by the platform.

    What does

    • Data Driven Marketing
    • Cart Abandonment Emails
    • Browse Abandonment Triggers
    • Product Recomendations
    • Automated Follow-Up Emails
    • Email Performance Tracking
    • Personalized Coupons
    • Segmented Newsletters
    • Powerful A/B/C/D Testing
    • Social Media Integration

    Ready to try Remarkety in your company?