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+ Intaface

  • A remarkable customer journey

    Connect your data,
    segment your audience,
    provides ideal experiences
    and measure success in a simple way

    Ortto is a platform integrated with AI, which takes millions of data points to help you accurately predict how your audience will behave.
    In adittion, continue learning as the business grows, so you can continue to improve.
    • Automation powered by a CDP and AI
    • No-code integration to get all data in a single profile
    • Powerful segmentation based on any combination of data
    • Connect with your audiences throughout the entire customer journey
    • Analytics and reports presented in a clear and intuitive way

    Integration with the most
    recognized platforms:

    Why Ortto + Intaface?

    Local support

    Use a globally recognized platform with local support. In your language and your Time Zone. We help you solve your doubts by email, calls or whatsapp.


    Ortto integrates with the most used ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and management platforms such as Salesforce, Stripe and Recurly.

    Training in your language

    The team that trains you is the same that will later support you. We know our clients from the beginning and that's why we know how to help you best.


    Take advantage of the Intaface team's experience in multichannel conversations. We can help you design, execute, measure and improve your campaigns and most importantly: increase conversion.

    What does

    • SaaS
    • Ecommerce
    • B2B
    • IA
    • Combination of different marketing tools
    • Workflow customization
    • Code-free integration
    • Fast implementation

    Ready to try Ortto in your company?