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Ruler Analytics
+ Intaface

  • Close the loop between marketing and revenue.

    Automatically reveal
    which marketing channels drive the best leads.

    Ruler Analytics makes it easy to track customer journeys and match closed revenue to the source. Make data-driven decisions by integrating your website, your CRM and your marketing apps to view the data you need, where you need it most.
    Automatically tie revenue back to your campaigns and channels via marketing attribution. Spend less time juggling reports, and more time optimizing your outputs and your budget.
    • Attribution: Ruler allows you to track each visitor across multiple sessions along with marketing variables such as source, channel, campaign and keyword. When a user converts into a lead by phone, form or live chat, Ruler will match this new lead to their previous marketing interactions and fire it to your CRM. When your lead converts, Ruler will scrape the revenue data in the CRM. It will be attributed to the marketing channels and campaigns that influenced the sale.
    • Lead Tracking: Track every click, call and conversation driven to your website automatically through our forms, live chat and call tracking integrations. Ruler also connects powerful data to your business intelligence and reporting tools to enable analysis.
    • Marketing Mix Modelling: Marketing mix modelling, or MMM, is the application of statistical modelling to show how marketing influences changes in sales results. It breaks down these numbers by marketing channel, allowing you to identify which is having the most significant impact on your return on investment. Find your optimum marketing mix.

    Integration with the most
    recognized platforms:

    Why Ruler Analytics + Intaface?

    Local Support

    Use a globally recognized platform with local support. In your language and on your schedule. We help you solve doubts by email, calls or WhatsApp.


    Take advantage of one of the dozens of integrations already developed. And if you need a custom one, our team of engineers will help you make it.

    Training in your language

    The team that trains you is the same that will give you support later. We know our clients from the beginning and that is why we know how to best help you.


    Take advantage of the Intaface team's expertise in multichannel conversations. We can help you design, execute, measure and improve your campaigns and most importantly: increase conversion.

    What does
    Ruler Analytics

    • Marketing Attribution
    • Opportunity Attribution
    • Offline Conversion Tracking
    • Data-Driven Attribution
    • Live Chat Tracking
    • Form Tracking
    • Call Tracking
    • BI & Reporting Integration
    • Marketing Mix Modelling
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Revenue Analytics

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