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  • Insight-led marketing

    The #1 insight-led
    customer experience platform

    Mapp Cloud’s “insight-led” approach combines data with artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that let you connect with consumers along their journey with your brand. It’s an enterprise-level customer experience platform without the enterprise-level cost.
    The 5 pillars of Mapp Cloud are:
    • Data: As your data pours in from many different sources, Mapp unifies all that data in a single hub. By doing this, you break down silos and make your data understandable, accessible, and actionable.
    • Intelligence: The advanced AI can sort through massive amounts of data and make sense of it. Mapp will score, profile, and visualize customer data to predict future behaviors. Intuitive dashboards that make it easy to analyze campaigns by message, group, geography, or device.
    • Engagement: Meet your customers wherever or whenever they want to engage with your brand. Mapp Cloud makes it easy to automate cross-channel campaigns and make every touchpoint count.
    • Content: Send your customers messages just as unique and interesting as they are. Mapp’s automated personalization lets you make every touchpoint more exciting for the customer by creating tailored experiences based on who they are and what they want.
    • Integration: With Mapp’s open marketing platform, you can easily integrate with the rest of your marketing ecosystem. Data is more readily absorbed and unified with our flexible APIs.

    Integration with the most
    recognized platforms:

    Why Mapp + Intaface?

    Local Support

    Use a globally recognized platform with local support. In your language and on your time zone. We help you solve your doubts by email, calls or WhatsApp.


    Take advantage of one of the dozens of integrations already developed. And if you need a custom one, our team of engineers will help you make it.

    Training in your language

    The team that trains you is the same that will give you support later. We know our clients from the beginning and that is why we know how to best help you.


    Take advantage of the Intaface team's expertise in multichannel conversations. We can help you design, execute, measure and improve your campaigns and most importantly: increase conversion.

    What does

    • Drag-and-drop consumer journeys
    • Campaigns, holistic and hassle-free
    • Intuitive dashboards
    • Integration with CRM, DSP, eCommerce, POS, CMS, loyalty programs, and more
    • CDP (Customer Data Platform) that gets enriched with all your data
    • Customer Intelligence & AI
    • Cross-channel Engagement
    • Personalization

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