omnichannel boutique agency

omnichannel boutique agency

Send Personalized Dynamic Better messages

We are an omnichannel marketing agency

We focus on our most precious asset: each client. With over 10 years of industry experience, our effort and dedication is 100% targeted on the relationship with our customers, to help them achieve their goals by applying customized and innovative solutions to address the different challenges of digital marketing.

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Contact your customers / subscribers through multiple channels such as Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Push, etc.

Live Segments

Leverage the power of behavioral data on your site to send micro-segmented, real time messages.


Engage with your audience in a more personalized way through journeys with timely and relevant emails that generate conversions.


Recover lost sales and get an uplift through real-time transactional emails that contain the information and call to action you need to reach them.

Visual Commerce

Connect your Social and E-commerce content, so your subscribers are inclined to buy in email, the Web, Instagram and Pinterest.

Live Content

Use the information of the exact moment, time and location of opening to create a unique experience for your customers.


Evaluate the performance of multiple campaigns and segments precisely to get an exact overview of your digital marketing strategy.


Maximize the results of your campaigns and ROI through a strategic plan aligned with your goals.

Campaign Management

Delegate your campaign execution, designs, content and reporting to our expert team.


Avoid deliverability problems. Double-check your email addresses before sending campaigns.

“Working side by side with Intaface allowed us to improve our email strategy through targeted, much more effective communications and with better indicators. Over the past 3 years, we have managed to double all of our metrics with very good delivery rates”.

Santiago Suarez,
I.T. Consultant, Marketing, Productos Familia S.A.

“With Intaface, we have increased effective conversions, exponentially increasing our rates through the execution of an accurate and customized roadmap aimed at the improvement of our digital marketing”.

Federico Diaz – Paula Ploper
Digital Marketing Digital Analysts – FCA

“Intaface solutions have allowed us to offer our customers advanced marketing automation solutions and their strategic team supports our thinking, making our product way more powerful and becoming a differential in an increasingly competitive market”.

Ana Carolina Murillo,
Director of Strategy and Business, Wunderman

“Trabajar de la mano de Intaface nos ha permitido mejorar nuestra estrategia de email a través de comunicaciones segmentadas, mucho más efectivas y con mejores indicadores. A lo largo de estos 3 años hemos logrado duplicar todos nuestros indicadores con unas muy buenas tasas de entregabilidad.”

Santiago SuarezConsultor T.I. Mercadeo, Productos Familia S.A.

“Las soluciones de Intaface nos han permitido brindar a nuestros clientes soluciones avanzadas de marketing automation y su acompañamiento estratégico apoya nuestro pensamiento, haciendo que nuestro producto sea más potente y diferencial en un mercado cada vez más competitivo.”

Ana Carolina MurilloDirectora de Estrategia y Negocio, Wunderman

“Con Intaface hemos logrado conversiones efectivas, incrementando exponencialmente nuestras tasas a través del establecimiento de pautas precisas para el mejoramiento de nuestro marketing digital”

Federico Diaz – Paula PloperAnalistas de Marketing Digital – FCA

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